Amadeus – Limited-Edition Call


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OUT OF STOCK! Be sure to sign up for our email blast for the next Call release. A limited-edition collectible that sounds dead on to mallard ducks with the look inspired by the notorious flooded timber of Arkansas.

Out of stock

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Introducing the call you’ve been waiting for – the Amadeus.

Born from the exceptional design of the Megaphor, this limited edition masterpiece adds a rare artistic twist to your lanyard. The Megaphor has garnered immense success, finding its home on the lanyards of guides and professionals across the country. Now, the Amadeus presents your opportunity to own the same reliable sound that you can stand on all day long, with an added touch of rare head-turning acrylic swirls inspired by the notorious flooded timber of Arkansas.

The Amadeus ensures you carry your legacy forward. Engineered with a machined J-Duct Moisture Reduction System that prevents the reed from sticking to the tone board and a molded wedge, providing a tune-free system, this call is for hunters who need a sound that’s pure duck from the top to the bottom The Amadeus inherits the renowned Mega rattle on both ends, mega rasp, and a whisper-quiet bottom end offering you the sound that breaks through the crisp air and finishes ducks with unmatched precision.

A limited-edition collectible call that has the look of granite and sounds dead on to mallard ducks.

  • Single-Reed Open Water/Loud Timber Call
  • Machined Acrylic J-Frame Design
  • Cork Wedge
  • Close To Distant Calling Situations
  • Beginners To Advanced Callers
  • Built In Rattle

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 9.25 × 6.25 × 2 in


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