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What Do You Love About The Hunt – Podcast

Chris and Chad share their thoughts in regards to the hunt. How JARGON plays a role now in each of their hunts. What duck hunting and duck camp mean to each of them. There are [...]

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Which Duck Call Do I Choose Podcast

Chris Cifreo is back in This Life Ain't For Everybody studio to discuss his thoughts on choosing your call, and what goes through the Duck Hunter’s mind when it comes to taking the next step [...]

Podcast with Chris Cifreo Duck Call Designer

Chris Cifreo, Co-Founder of JARGON Game Calls sits down with Chad to discuss the duck call models offered at jargongamecalls.com. They break down the calls and the call parts that Chris himself has masterminded and [...]

Small Talk

Single Reed Timber Call

This one of a kind single reed timber call can be used in any condition. However, the Small Talk was designed to be used on very still, cloudy days when the ducks are stale and shy of aggressive, loud calling.


Loud Mouth

Single Reed Timber Call

If you’re looking for a call that will do it from top to bottom, look no further than the Loud Mouth by Jargon Game Calls. With its comfort fit mouthpiece, and ease of use, it’s sure to be your go to call when birds are above.


Ice Breaker

Double Reed Call

Break the Ice easily on your next hunt with this user-friendly double-reed duck call. If you’re looking for a call with the forgiveness of a double reed, but sound of single reed, this is the one. This call is “sister” to our Loud Mouth.


Quality Built Duck Calls

Jargon Game Calls are precise, CNC turned, and hand-tuned duck calls right here in Arkansas, USA. We provide hunters with a high quality, lifetime duck call. As duck hunters, we have our own Jargon. We use it to communicate amongst each other before the hunt, during the hunt, and after the hunt! “Get down”, “here they come”, “take ‘em”, “send the dog”, and “Nice Shooting Boys” are just some examples of Jargon being used on a daily basis among duck hunters. It doesn’t stop there though. In order to attain success in the Duck’s World, we need to be well versed in the JARGON of the wild duck. We have to entice them with our words, the passion in our calling, and the timing of our delivery. This is where JARGON GAME CALLS was brought into fruition!