There is probably nothing more important in our societies then communication. Community is built on the word communication. Family is built on constant transparency and verbalizing amongst each other. As human beings, communication is what sets us apart from the rest of the Animal Kingdom. This is not to say that every species of animal doesn’t speak their own language. Develop their own vocabulary. And communicates with their very own JARGON. As duck hunters, we have our own Jargon. We use it to communicate amongst each other before the hunt, during the hunt, and after the hunt! “Get down”, “here they come”, “take ‘em”, “send the dog”, and “Nice Shooting Boys” are just some examples of Jargon being used on a daily basis among duck hunters. It doesn’t stop there though. In order to attain success in the Duck’s World, we need to be well versed in the JARGON of the wild duck. We have to entice them with our words, the passion in our calling, and the timing of our delivery. This is where JARGON GAME CALLS was brought into fruition! We believe in communication! Communication with our families. Communication with our piers. Communication with our duck dogs. And communication with ducks! Every wild animal has their own Jargon. We wanted to master that of the Mallard Duck. And we did just that!

So let’s get back to talking to each other! Let’s get back to our roots as communicators! Let’s let the social media slide for a bit and learn how to look someone in the eyes and introduce ourselves the old fashioned way. Let’s establish the stance right now that we will let our voices be heard as human beings and as duck hunters. Let’s take pride in our JARGON and all of our specialized vocabularies. Let’s learn the fine art of verbiage and communication and let’s apply it on a daily basis! Both amongst each other and amongst the Mallard Ducks!

Welcome to the JARGON NATION!