Do You Even Know What You’ve Done Chris? – Podcast


Chad tried to get the emotional side of Chris going by discussing how much pride he should have in these duck call designs. How excited he should be and how happy he actually is to be the co-founder of JARGON Game Calls. Chris is a master duck call designer and machinist and an accomplished duck hunter. JARGON is broken down as a brand and a company and now is positioned [...]

What Do You Love About The Hunt – Podcast


Chris and Chad share their thoughts in regards to the hunt. How JARGON plays a role now in each of their hunts. What duck hunting and duck camp mean to each of them. There are no words that can actually describe what Mallard ducks mean to these guys but they do their best to try and explain their stance. List to the podcast This Life Ain't For Everybody on your [...]

Podcast with Chris Cifreo Duck Call Designer


Chris Cifreo, Co-Founder of JARGON Game Calls sits down with Chad to discuss the duck call models offered at jargongamecalls.com. They break down the calls and the call parts that Chris himself has masterminded and designed. The excitement for the new calls is evident as the guys share their theories on calling the wild mallard duck. This episode is brought to you by the 2019 North American Whitetail Championship, Jargon [...]

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