Turkey Calls

  • Snoodie

    Diaphragm mouth call that has an ease of operation with light air pressure. This call has major control and will get raspy if needed. Great for finishing your Tom within gunning range!
  • Squabble

    A dominant diaphragm call that will fire the woods up in a hurry. With light taps of your tongue mixed with soft controlled air pressure, you will be able to replicate the entire Jargon of the wild hen turkey! Get them on a string and finish them at your feet!
  • This dominant lady will reverse Mother Nature on the regular by persuading the weariest of toms that she has all of the answers and all of the sweetness! This diaphragm call is a little more advanced then most and will require ultimate control of mouth cavity, tongue, and air pressure! Annie might come across as a lady that is all about tough love but down deep, she is as soft as a feather pillow!
  • The Jargon of the Wild Turkey is not perfect! We have heard hens make the craziest sounds and say the most off the wall things! Sometimes, it’s best to just let your free style form flow! Introducing the brand new FreeStyle Glass Pot Call. With a little scratch down from the sandpaper, you will discover that you can speak the entire turkey jargon with this beautiful walnut and maple pot loaded with a Purple Heart soundboard and topped with a perfect glass. Along with both it’s Purple Heart striker as well as the two piece hickory striker, you will be set up to make every click, purr, yelp, and more! This is your dance, so make sure you play the right music to get that Tom to your tree!
  • Turn the tables on those wild Toms by creating the most realistic hen turkey vocalizations ever produced. This slate pot call sounds as good as it looks and that’s saying a lot! Built with precision tolerances and materials of the highest quality, it’s sure to find its way into your every day vest! The strikers included are a one piece Purple Heart Striker and a two piece hickory striker and are machined to fit your hand and give you accuracy with every touch to the slate. The TurnTable will have you making the turkeys dance as you lay down the tunes! 
  • Get ready to drop the boom on that longbeard after he hears the far reaching sounds created by the new BoomBox Box Call! Made of walnut wood and topped with a Purple Heart handle and slide, the BoomBox is operator friendly, believe us! With minimal effort, maximum volume and reach can be obtained giving you the ability to get the attention of those Toms not in mouth call or pot call distance! The BoomBox can also have its volume knob turned down so you can get quiet and give the incoming Tom those enticing sounds to finish his fanny at the end of your barrel!  Turkeys are meant to be called in close and killed ethically with accuracy and precision and now you can get even those furthest birds to your kill hole! Get their attention with the BoomBox and finish them in the hot oil! Yessir let’s have us a turkey fry!


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