Goose Calls

  • Sometimes we refer to them as greaters. Sometimes we describe them as honkers. Some of us just say, the “bigguns”! The Big Canada’s have become a favorite of so many goose hunters across the world! We can chase them in pretty much all of the continental United States, Canada, and New Zealand! When the big geese talk, we all listen. The Crazy Train will take you to the graduating class of the Canada Goose Vocabulary! With unparalleled volume to the richest of tones, this train ride is one that may or may not go off the rails! Get their attention and then woo them into your decoy landing zone with the finishing touches! This call has been proven in the field and we are so happy to introduce you to the Crazy Train! All Aboard!
  • When it comes to mastering the vocabulary and speech patterns of the Canada Goose, the caller must strive to be versatile, authentic, and mesmerizing! We need to keep in mind that there are several sub species of the Canada Goose and to be the most complete goose hunter, we need to make it our goal to talk like them all! The Wreckin’ Ball by JARGON allows us to go from a twelve pound greater to a lesser just by switching up our mouth and hand positions. It lets us talk fast but allows us to slow down and give that flock the finishing touch they desire. The Wreckin’ Ball has a volume dial on it as well and the caller can be rest assured that he or she will be able to hammer on that long distance clock and then turn it down to get them to put their legs down and light into the decoys! All in all, it’s a powerful little call that will help make each and every goose hunt a memorable one! By the time they think it’s feed time, the party will be over.


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